Thursday, June 9, 2011

Black Lips

Song Link up!!

I never seem to post anything besides the song link-up lately. Sad day. I honestly just don't do anything differently in my day to day that would be fun to write about. But no one really likes to read long posts without pictures.  Or at least, no one leaves any comments telling me that they do. I don't write on here for the comments, but I can't deny that I enjoy receiving them. I'm human, I like knowing that y'all read my posts and maybe you disagree, but you at least formed an opinion on something I wrote. But I also refuse to bring my camera every where I go, take pictures of the food I ate, the place I shopped at and model my "awesome outfits", which I don't have. My life isn't my blog and I want to enjoy it in the moment, not worry about "Oooh, wait! I need to take a picture of this for my blog!" 
Now, I'm not trying to demean the people who do that, I love reading people's outfit posts and the awesome restaurants they visited... that just isn't me.
Maybe I'm not cut out for this type of blogging... oh well. I'm gonna keep on keepin' on.
See you next Thursday I guess! haha!


  1. I use to be that way...I would be doing something and think, "this would make a great blog post". I don't do that anymore though. I haven't for awhile. I am enjoying living my life and living in the moment with what I'm doing. Not to mention, I have 4 kids that keep me extremely busy! LOL!

    Thanks for linking up every week! I think you rock! And...we ALL love getting blog comments;)

  2. Your blog is yours and you can blog about whatever you want:) As long as you're having fun with it, keep blogging!

  3. Well, like your blog's named "It is what is it is!"
    Keep at it. You'll find your niche. I remember way back when I used to get frustrated about my blogging. But you find your own personal style.
    (I'm not a clothes person though, to me, are work of art. I am VERY careful about each picture I post :D)

    LOVE the black lips :) Great song!

  4. I read your blog!! And I LOVE your songs! I don't need a crap ton of pictures to enjoy reading someones blog. As long as they are good writers, I could read a book by them!


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