Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I can't even

handle the fact that the last Harry Potter movie is coming out in less than a month.
I am going to sob uncontrollably. Especially when they get to Snape's story. I can't deal!
And I really hope that they don't mess it up terribly.
I am so nervous and excited and dreading it at the same time.
How can I have such crazy emotions about a book series? I know the answer... they aren't "just" books. They mean a lot to a lot of people, they started a generation reading again. They are an escape for me. I read and re-read the Harry Potter series constantly. I can't let them go. I can't let them "end".
I know I sound pretty crazy right now, but that's just me.
I really love Harry Potter.

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  1. I am right there with you on the HP. This last trailer almost made me burst into tears thinking about how epic and sad it is going to be. I hope snape's tale is done well for the movie..


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