Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am SUPER excited about finally becoming a mother. Of course, who wouldn't be right? And I can not seem to stop pinning nurseries. I think that's what I'm looking forward to most during this pregnancy: buying baby books and decorating a nursery. And so far I have it narrowed down to grey, white, and teal for a girl and "hunting cabin in the woods" for a boy.  My husband insists on camo and football stuff for a boy's room, so I got him to meet me in the middle with a much prettier cabin theme. Like this one. I'm in love!
Speaking of love, I didn't know you could love something so much until I found out I was pregnant. This sweet angel is going to be so well loved by so many people. I'm officially 7 weeks as of yesterday (unless an ultrasound tells me otherwise) and I don't really have many symptoms. My boobs are very sore and I've been pretty sleepy some days but other then that I've felt great.  Though to be honest, I've spent most of this pregnancy worrying about all the things that could go wrong. Sigh. I should be cherishing these times but all I do is worry. This is a situation where ignorance is probably bliss.
Anyway, here's a picture of my bloated belly, I'm still (im)patiently waiting for it to turn into a baby bump, but here's a sort of starting off point.

How far along:  7wks+3
Total Weight Gain: I don't own a scale, but I don't think I've gained much! I hope.
Stretchmarks: None yet!
Sleep: It takes me a while to get there (it always has) and I've only woken once during the night so far to pee.
Best Moment This Week: Frozen yogurt. haha!
Movement: nothing yet.
Gender: Unknown. 
Labor Signs: Way too early for that!
Belly Button: Still an innie.
What I Miss: Nothing yet. 
What I am Looking Forward to: Everything! It's so early that I hardly feel pregnant yet!
Milestones: Well, I went up to bra sizes (does 32F exist?) Baby is the size of a blueberry and is growing hands and feet!


  1. Congrats that's so exciting!! I love that cabin theme! :D

  2. 32F definitely exists, just not in standard shops (most people wear the wrong bra size anyway, for years I thought I was a 36D and yet my bras never fit properly, turns out I'm a 32F/30G).

    So excited to follow your journey!

  3. thanks!! I've been stuck in sports bras for a while now, but I can't wait to get a REAL bra. haha! Nursing bras here I come!


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