Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I was so excited for my first appointment yesterday. I wanted to finally see my baby, learn how far along I truly am and hear my baby's heartbeat. But no. They put ten of us in a room, told us things we already knew, made us fill out a ton of papers and had us give blood. There was even a woman there who, at 19 weeks, STILL hadn't been seen by a doctor. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. But before I get pissed again, I digress.
Baby bump update!

How far along:  10 weeks
Total Weight Gain: I believe about 5lbs.
Stretchmarks: None yet!
Sleep: Sleeping a lot. And lots of naps.
Best Moment This Week: Finally feeling a little better, I've been feeling so awful for a week. And my honey getting me cereal, pickles, macaroni and cheese, and chicken noodle soup. 
Movement: nothing. 
Gender: Unknown. 
Labor Signs: Way too early for that!
Belly Button: it's getting deeper! haha! so weird.
What I Miss: I miss feeling good. I'm always tired and sickly. 
What I am Looking Forward to: everything!!
Milestones: just getting more and more bloated. haha! but it's the baby's fault so, I call it a baby bump. :)


  1. Awwww that sucks, I hope you get to see your baby soon!


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