Friday, March 30, 2012

Bump Update

How far along:  13 wks!
Size of the baby:  Cheez-It is the size of a peach!
Stretchmarks: -
Sleep: I usually sleep from about 2am until 12:30pm. It's ridiculous and I hate it. 
Best Moment This Week: I'm almost into my second trimester!
Movement: I can't wait to feel my sweetie move!
Gender: Everybody is thinking boy! But for the first time I'm starting to feel like it's a girl! 
Labor Signs: -
Belly Button: definitely getting deeper! weird...
Symptoms: My acne is clearing up a little bit. it's still pretty bad, and I'll probably never get rid of the scars but it's a little better.
What I Miss: The ONLY thing I miss is not worrying about if my baby is okay in there. I can't wait till he/she starts moving so at least I can kind of tell.
What I am Looking Forward to: Everything! Movement and gender especially. 
Milestones: Last week of first trimester!!

And here's my favorite picture from when my sister in law visited last week!

Have an awesome weekend y'all!!!


  1. What a cute baby bump you have doll!

  2. Cute baby bump!! I am your newest follower (from the mil-blogging buddies fb page)


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