Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mama Advice Please! Stroller Edition

How do you decide on a stroller? There are so many reviews and everyone has a different experience so I know that it truly is a personal choice on what works best for you and your child in particular... but I'm hoping for some advice and personal testimony on what stroller you prefer! I'm stuck between the Britax B-Agile and the City Mini Jogger 2011.

I'll be back later with a 15wk update! 


  1. When I had Em back in 2008 all the cool strollers were still ridiculously expensive so I ended up getting a Chicco travel system. The car seat was amazing and picked number one for safety (not sure if that's still true) but the stroller sucked. It was too big and bulky. I've heard great things about the City jogger. Alls I've heard about the Britax is that it looks like a cheap knock off of the more expensive strollers. Have you looked at the Bumbleride Indie? I love it. I've seen a few in person and they just look so nice and comfortable for the baby.
    The link:

    1. Thanks for the advice!! I've checked out the Bumbleride, and while I do love it, it's a bit above my budget.

  2. I had the hardest time.. eeven did a full blog post on it. The one I ordered finally arrived and I LOVE it. So lightweight and smooth.
    It was budget friendly and had the bassinet combo which looks expensive and is better for baby's back apparently.
    Ultimately it's about safety, functionality, cost, and does it fit in the trunk of the car. ha! good luck.

    check it out.. at under 300$ I thought it was a real bargain.. and just got a carseat to go with it.. and it really does fit perfectly.

  3. Hey Amanda!
    Good luck on your stroller.. I felt the same.. and two people ended up getting it for me. The 2011 model is the one we got for only 219.99


    Best Wishes!


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